MIJNDERT.CH || My name is Mijndert Hoogendoorn. I am originally from Rotterdam and mijndert.ch is my Zurich-based graphic design, project and event management studio.

My work is focussed on visual identity, image creation and concept design for inspiring branding and events. I am spezialized in event management and graphic design of print as well as digital campaigns. 
I have the opportunity to work with a broad network of international talents and partners, taking on the entire process of concept design to execution of client assignments as well as my own projects. I believe that mixing talent with expertise, experience and fresh ideas leads to the most compelling results. As every new project gives me new possibilities to make a difference, I strive to find common solutions together with my clients, according to their individual needs.

Past clients have included: Abac R&D AG, STC - Switzerland Travel Centre, Lindt & Sprüngli AG, Toasted GmbH, Stadtpolizei Zürich, Hostpoint AG, Mascotte Club, Supermarket Club, Miro China, TCS Training & Freizeit AG, British American Tobacco, Burton Europe, Qwst - Global Brand AG, UPC Cablecom, Praxis am Sonnegg, Zahnärzte am Central, Zahnärzte am Brunnentor, HR Professionals, Inside Sport Player Agency, Aroma Productions AG, Blacksocks SA and TX Group.